Students Ask: A Future In Farming?

Is it really possible for a High School student to consider farming if their family does not own thousands of acres of conventionally planted land already?  What about simply supplementing their income while providing healthy food to consumers?  Will Travis of the Spence Farm focused on these ideas while offering a tour October 1st for 60 students.  Will himself started off in his early teens harvesting sap and creating delicious maple syrup.   He received a grant from the Frontera Foundation to help improve the facility that he processes the sap in so he could more efficiently turn it into the delight that so many people enjoy.  Another local example is Derek Stoller, who is now fourteen, who has partnered with Stewards of the Land, a grower cooperative, who makes quite a good income while working is his garden.  His ambition is to become a sustainable farmer and work to provide an income for himself and quality, healthy products to consumers.  These are two examples of young people who are investing in their own businesses and locally produced food, but there are many other examples of youth just like these guys.  Tours and stories like these just may inspire those students on the tour to become our future farmers.