Raw Milk Hearings in Springfield November 6th

Join Farmers and Food Citizens (you and I) in Springfield to be a part of the proposed raw dairy rules and regulations that are being proposed.  This is an opportunity to share your opinion.  The more who come to Springfield and the more who are involved, the more Springfield will listen.

If you have not yet called, call Governor Quinn’s office NOW at, 312-814-2121 and ask him to stand with family farmers and food freedom!

Here is a suggested script:

“Hi I am voter and citizen of Illinois and I am calling today about over the top raw milk regulations that have just been proposed by the Illinois Department of Public Health. [Talk about your experience with raw milk, i.e. do you drink it, are you a farmer or just a local food supporter]. These proposed rules are a solution looking for a problem that will hurt family farmers. Please stand with the people in calling on IDPH to fix their unnecessary and onerous proposed rules.” (Provided by Illinois Stewardship Alliance, http://www.ilstewards.org/save-raw-milk-public-comment-hearing-nov-6/)

Amy Cook