Livestock Selection and Meat Marketing Program

That one looks delicious!


Livestock selection and meat marketing were the focus of our April 14th program which was held at the school house on the Spence Farm.  Panelists Donna O’Shaughnessy (South Park Ranch), Terry Bachtold (Grazin’ Acres) and Roger Bradford (Honey Milk Grove Farm) joined  14 participants in a discussion of the common jargon of meat labels, heritage versus conventional breeds, raising animals: space, time and energy, and marketing meats.  Other topics discussed were which breeds are for what purpose, pasturing animals, and butchering.

Participants appreciated the open-forum style of the discussion and the materials provided.  With participants at varied levels of experience, the discussion was lively and questions were asked and answered by all participants.  Everyone walked away knowing more about the topic.  Look for another livestock selection and meat marketing class in the fall of 2012.


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