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Spence Farm Foundation seeks a consultant to coordinate a chef/baker grain evaluation process, provide baking expertise, and supporting curriculum development as part of our larger efforts within the Artisan Grain Collaborative.

Request for Qualifications

Spence Farm Foundation (SFF) seeks a consultant to coordinate a chef/baker grain evaluation process, provide baking expertise, and supporting curriculum development as part of our larger efforts within the Artisan Grain Collaborative (AGC).

The scope of work will include

  1. Coordination of the Chef/Baker Grain Evaluation Process
      1. Plan, coordinate and supervise the work activity of the grain lab without walls
      2. Work with the University of Illinois Student to:
        1. Learn the useful, measurable attributes of cereal grains and establish protocol and SOPs for measurement of these attributes
        2. Develop SOPs in the grain lab evaluation process
        3. Create a template document on grains that will include:
          1. Brief explanation of each variety of grain being tested
          2. Brief explanation of how this flour will work in standard baking categories and tips for bakers on how to utilize it in their recipes in lieu of current flours. (functional analysis equipment and baking tests will provide you the info you need for this).  Should be things like needs more water, longer proofing time, works well for pizza when blended with X, etc.
      3. Instruction and oversight of implementing evaluation process with AGC baking research team.
      4. Collect and collate evaluation results from AGC testers
        1. Create reports of evaluation results that will assist in identifying b]est use of specific grains in a variety of applications.
        2. Create/oversight of standardized recipes to be utilized in the testing process for AGC baking research team.
  1. Recipe testing coordinator and baker
    1. Applicant should have access to a professional bakery or culinary school  complete this work in.
    2. Test standardized recipes utilizing the SOPs evaluation process of grains.
    3. Complete recipe evaluation standards and send to appropriate professionals.
    4. Work in community with other AGC members.
  2. Support curriculum development in collaboration with SFF Executive Director (ED)
    1. Work with ED to develop education curriculum mission, objectives, and outline
    2. Curriculum will be developed to engage culinary students, bakers, and other entities as outlined to learn how to work with and utilize regionally grown whole grains
    3. Curriculum will be designed to introduce the scope of a value supply chain
  3. Participate in the larger AGC community
    1. Attend community calls, meetings, and other engagements.

About Spence Farm Foundation

The Spence Farm Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2004 to cultivate healthy food systems through teaching the art, history, and practice of sustainable family farming.  We believe that by helping to connect the key elements of a healthy food system through four pillars of sustainability, a shift is being realized with the improvement of our food system.

Changes occur at the grassroots level and farmers are experimenting, observing and developing ways to move the good food system forward from the ground-up. Students, culinary professionals, medical professionals, and eaters come into contact with this system and buy into it, understanding that they also have responsibility and a role to change the system. Through these hands-on educational opportunities, they go forward to teach others, to have better methods of purchasing, to pull back from their own daily experience to understand the impact of their decisions on the whole system.

About the Artisan Grain Collaborative (AGC)

AGC is a collective of bakers, chefs, nonprofits, farmers, millers, distributors, agriculture researchers, market developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and nutrition experts working to promote a regenerative food system. AGC BUILDS DEMAND for small batch artisan grains, lowering the barriers for end users to integrate them into their operations and building the financial case to farmers to expand what they grow.

The AGC has a systems approach, bringing together businesses and organization throughout the value chain to increase adoption of artisan grains by end users. We do this by:

  • Identifying small batch grains that appear to be promising for farm businesses
  • Evaluating grains both in the lab and in the kitchen to see if grains perform well for end users.
  • Identifying a variety of potential food grade uses for those grains whether it be in baking, in savory applications, in brewing, within school meals, or within the emergency food system.
  • Creating education materials and a course on best application for promising varieties.
  • Providing a system for end users to share that feedback with farmers and producers in order to build the supply only after the demand is created to protect farmer’s financial interests.
  • Educating the general public on the benefits of artisan grains from both an ecological and nutritional standpoint.


This will be a 9-month contract with the scope of work expected to be complete by June 2018.

Flat Fee Contract

SFF expects to contract with one individual to complete this scope of work in the amount of $15,000.

Qualifications Submittal

Please submit a max 1-page explanation of why you believe you are well suited for this role in addition to a resume and 3 references to





Amy Cook