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MARCH 3-4, 2018
Spence Farm Foundation is educating and connecting growers, processors, bakers and chefs who are creating a rise in demand for local grains. This program will increase a baker’s capacity to procure and utilize regionally grown whole grains in a general bakery context to build and develop the regional foodshed.

Professional bakers gain more knowledge in the versatility of using specialty grains.

  • Learn how a region is building its specialty grain foodshed from farmer to miller to baker to eater
  • Compare commodity grains and specialty grains in baking and pastry applications
  • Use whole and processed specialty grains in baking and pastry applications
  • Utilize a variety of honey in baking and pastry applications
  • Understand how a professional bakery, Publican Quality Bread, markets its products
  • Hear how a farmer and baker collaboration is created
  • Learn the importance of bees in a healthy food system
  • Listen to the factors affecting the upcoming farm bill. Learn how you can get involved


  • Jill Brockman-Cummings: Miller, The Mill at Janie’s Farm, Ashkum, IL
  • Naaman Gambill: Managing Partner, The Hive: Chicago’s Beekeeping Supply Store, Chicago, IL
  • Erin Meyer: Executive Director, Spence Farm Foundation, Evanston, IL
  • Liz Moran Stelk: Executive Director, Illinois Stewardship Alliance, Springfield, IL
  • Leigh Omilinsky: Pastry Chef, Nico Osteria, Chicago, IL
  • Greg Wade: Head Baker, Publican Quality Bread, Chicago, IL
  • Molly Breslin: Farmer, Breslin Farms, Ottawa, IL

Join for two days of building relationships, gaining a deeper understanding of working with doughs and pastries, and learning from partners that are building a regional grain shed.