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July 9th & 10th, 2017

Spence Farm Foundation is educating and connecting growers, processors, bakers and chefs who are creating a rise in demand for local grains. This program will increase a baker’s capacity to procure and utilize regionally grown whole grains in a general bakery context to build and develop the regional food shed.  


Professional bakers who want to gain more knowledge in the versatility of using specialty grains

  • Learn how a region is building its specialty grain food shed from farmer to baker to consumer
  • Compare commodity grains and specialty grains in baking and pastry applications
  • Utilize whole and processed specialty grains in baking and pastry applications
  • Utilize a variety of honey in baking and pastry applications
  • Learn how a professional bakery, Publican Quality Bread, markets its products
  • Hear how a farmer and baker collaboration is created
  • Work with a clay oven
  • Tour a small grain operation from growing to milling
  • Learn the importance of bees in a healthy food system

Bakers will incorporate their five senses throughout this workshop.  They will work with whole and processed grains in baking and pastry applications, eat their creations and hear how experts in baking, pastry, production, processing, and marketing are building a small grain initiative in central Illinois.  Bakers will also tour the inner workings of Spence Farm: a successful small grain farm and milling operation.


  • Greg Wade: Head Baker, Publican Quality Bread, Chicago, Illinois
  • Meg Galus: Pastry Chef, BOKA & Swift and Sons, Chicago, Illinois
  • Marty and Will Travis: owner/operators, Spence Farm, Fairbury, Illinois
  • Harold Wilken: co-owner/operator, Janie’s Farm and Grain Mill, Danforth, Illinois
  • Bill Davison: U of I Extension, Grand Prairie Grain Guild, Bloomington, Illinois
  • Amy Halloran: Author & Grain Activist, The New Bread Basket
  • Keith Seiz: National Honey Board
  • Erin Meyer: Executive Director, Spence Farm Foundation





Jankun Photography, Forrest, IL

The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, Culinary School