About Us

The Mission of Spence Farm Foundation

Cultivating a Healthy Food System gives action to the desire to grow economic opportunity, social awareness, and environmental stability for small family farms and their rural communities by creating programming and hands on training for chefs, the food service industry, farmers, educators, students, and healthcare professionals about the value of responsibly produced ingredients.

The mission of The Spence Farm Foundation is to cultivate healthy food systems through education.

We believe that by helping to connect the key elements of a healthy food system—farmer, chef, food industry, healthcare providers, and food citizens—to one another, we support the principles and practices of sustainable production that lead to personal well being. Spence Farm Foundation was created and continues to help facilitate the growth of the family farm through education. We have been given the opportunity to extend our reach into communities that complement our first steps a decade ago, but the goal has not changed.

With your generous support, Spence Farm Foundation can continue to impact farmers, chefs, health care professionals, students, educators and food citizens.

Spence Farm Foundation, a non profit 501(c)3 was founded by Marty and Kris Travis in 2004. Since then, the Foundation’s successful programming—teaching the art, history and practice of sustainable family farming to chefs, farmers, students, educators and food citizens—has fostered interest and passion to build better connections with where our food comes from: Farm to Fork. Over the last decade, through the Foundation’s educational programming and networking, there has been an increased awareness of sustainable farming in the region. Through our efforts we have assisted new farms, increased the awareness in chefs, and educated students and professionals alike in the value of responsibly produced food. This has been primarily accomplished through Chef Camp, workshops, speaking engagements, and providing hoop houses for schools. This past year, we received a donation of commercial grade kitchen equipment that has allowed us to create an enhanced experience to our programming. We believe wholeheartedly in our mission and cause!

Working together with you and fueled by your generous support, we have the opportunity literally to change the world, one meal at a time!