Cultivating a Healthy Food System


About Spence Farm Foundation

Spence Farm Foundation is changing the way chefs, health professionals, and farmers think about food. Our purpose is to connect cultural influencers to the sources of food through a multi-sensory approach. We help them internalize the social, economic, and environmental impact they can have in cultivating and sustaining a healthy food system.

“Spence Farm Foundation’s vision, commitment and execution of its fundamental principles are creating a revolution…that can change not only health care but also the health of the planet.” — Dr. John Principe, Well Being MD

By connecting chefs, health professionals, and farmers, Spence Farm Foundation is shaping how farmers are growing food (while protecting and improving the environment), how chefs are using their voice to improve food culture in restaurants, schools, government, and at home; and how health professionals are embracing whole food nutrition as a way to wellness. Each of these influencers will ultimately impact the way Americans eat.

All our work is dependent on the generous support of faithful donors whose gifts help Spence Farm Foundation:

  • Build a collaborative environment where chefs, health professionals, and farmers can gather and grow in knowledge and influence.
  • Communicate transformational perspective and information that is accessible and relevant.
  • Invite, collaborate, and interact with influencers.
  • Sustain, refine and improve the resources available for our mission.